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Are you tired of everyday life? Beer at "tablicach"? Bowling, Billiards, a sauna, and spirits with friends on Saturdays? Evening "shooters" for the computer and beer as antipohmelin Sunday? Headache and monotonous work Monday to Friday again and the weekend standard? The vacation is uneventful and easy, so that is nothing special to remember? You want something new and not standard? Maybe hang gliding or skydiving? Bandageing? Snowboard? Paintball or airsoft? All this has been, all that is everywhere!You can go diving or trekking in the mountains, can learn rock climbing or bouldering, but whatever You do, You will become one of the THOUSANDS......

This summer You are eligible for a unique offer from the club "Heavy Rain". Exclusively for those looking for active and extreme rest.

Seven days training camp near the city of Skole (the Carpathians). Army discipline, the variety of exercises, shooting in pneumatic dash, team competitions, the history of weapons and a lot more interesting theoretical lectures with the use of theoretical material in practice You will be able to learn and try "taste", being "in the hands" of the team of instructors consists of specialists of different branches.

We invite you to spend SEVEN DAYS IN the ARMY"




1. General physical preparation.

2. Drill.

3. Shooting from the pneumatic weapon.

4. The history of weapons.

5. Tactics units.

6. Disguise.

7. Intelligence.

8. Fight night.

9. Day and night signals.

10. Covert movement.

11. Hand to hand combat.

12. Knife fight.

13. Medical training.

14. Military tactical game with the use of authentic sporting guns airsoft.

15. Tactical shooting.

16. The history of the famous military conflicts.

17. Two-day Hiking trip.

The basic schedule.

First day (arrival).

16:30 – group Gathering near the suburban train station.

17:00 – Departure.

19:00 – Arrival at the base of the dislocation.

19:10 – Construction, roll, coaching action for the first hour of being in the database.

19:45 – Settling in places, the handing over of the equipment.

20:45 – Building, familiarity with instructors, familiarity with the holiday program

and safety, issuance of personal documents.

21:45 – Dinner.

22:30 – Evening toilet.

23:00 – lights out.

The second to the sixth day.

07:00 – get up, morning toilet.

07:30 – Charge.

08:00 – Breakfast.

09:00 – Cleaning of individual places, cleaning.

10:00 am – General physical training (hand-to-hand and knife fighting).

13:00 – Thematic lecture.

14:00 – Lunch.

15:00 – Practical sessions to consolidate the theoretical material.

19:00 – Dinner.

20:00 – Free time.

20:30 – Practical exercises to consolidate the theoretical material.

22:30 – Evening toilet.

23:00 – lights out.

23:00 – 07:00 – working off of emergency situations.

Seventh day.

03:00 – Lift.

03:15 – the Build, the instructions and tasks.

03:25 – Groups operate according to instructions.

08:00 – End of action.

08:30 – the official part, rewarding.

09:15 – Building, taking inventory, cleaning rooms.

10:00 – Breakfast.

11:00 – Gathering of personal belongings.

12:00 – Departure of a group of lions.



Topics theoretically and applied lectures.


1. Historically-applied lectures:


- History of the actions of the military during the Afghan conflict (1979-1980.)

- History of actions of divisions in the Karabakh conflict (1991-1994)

- History of the actions of the military during the First Chechen war (1994-1996).

- History of the actions of the military during the Second Chechen campaign (1999-2002).

- The history of the unit "Forest Brothers", Lithuania 1940-1950.

- History of the actions of UPA units (1943-1956)

History of weapon.

2. Theoretically and applied lectures:


- First aid.

- Communicate through signals.

- Thematic lectures on the arrangement of temporary camp in the mountains.

- Thematically-applied lecture on exploration in the mountains.

- Thematically and crafts lecture with actions of small units.

- Thematically-applied lecture masking.

- Thematically and crafts lecture on the conduct of night combat and stealth movement.

- The theory of shooting a gun.

3. Practical exercises using sports electro-pneumatic airsoft rifles:


- Obstacle course in the daytime and at night.

- Out of the environment.

The release of the hostages.

- The exploration of the area.

- Search for "saboteur".

Training operations on the principle of "Capture the Flag".

- Defense base and patrol bases.

- Vip transport of the wounded in the evacuation zone.

Tactical shooting at static targets.




Conditions of PARTICIPATION (full version):

1. The achievement of the party's 18 years of age.

2. Fill the application form of the participant. Read and sign the rules of behavior on the basis of "Heavy Rain" and conditions of participation.

3. To buy a ticket from a representative of the club "Heavy Rain". (In case of participant's refusal from the tour after purchasing tickets, non-refundable).

You should have necessarily:

1. Spare pants (civil).

2. Sweater, jacket (summer sample).

3. Three sets of clothes (underwear, black t-shirt, socks).

4. Toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, soap.

5. Shoes type “Boots” (recommended).

6. Spare shoes (light shoes type sneakers).






Package includes:

1. Shipping Lviv-Skole-Lviv.

2. On the basis of residence (seven days).

3. Meals (three times daily).

4. Insurance.

5. Festive buffet at the end.

6. Equipment for individual use:

- duffel bag.

- the cloak.


You should have the mandatory equipment:*


- A sleeping bag.

- A travel mattress.

- The camouflage suit.

- Headdress (army cap)

- Belt army.

- Flask (national sample)


Class vouchers


The cost


Seven days



* There is the possibility of renting equipment.

The price for rentals.

1. Sleeping bag – 170uah.

2. Travel mattress – 90grn.

3. The camouflage suit – 110грн.

4. Headdress (army cap) – 30 UAH.

5. Army belt – 60 UAH.

6. Flask (national sample) – 40 UAH.


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