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Olesky Castle is probably the most famous castle in Lviv region, fully restored from the ruins. More than six centuries he stands on a high hill and is a witness and participant in many events that forever entered the history ...
Olesko first mentioned in written sources, dated 1327 year. Location of the castle on the border of Lithuania and Poland led to a constant struggle for him, and frequent change of owners. In the XV-XVI centuries. Olesko several times, became the victims of the devastating attacks of Tatars. In the second half of the fifteenth century castle ceased to be a defensive structure and residence became a magnate families: Danilovich, then Sobieski, Zhuvuskyh.
Olesko known in Polish history that in 1629 there was born the grandson of D., the future King of Poland Jan III Sobieski, during whose reign the castle became the royal residence. More details on this and other castles of Lviv region you will learn from our guides during a fascinating tour of the castles of Lviv region.

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