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As a witness of historical events Zolochiv Castle is one of the most significant cultural monuments and defensive architecture on the territory of Galician land, one of the most famous castles of Lviv ...
Located on a low hill in the valley of two rivers, Zolochevsky castle once served as the defense, and for housing. In 1634-1636 years the project unknown architect built his James Sobieski, the father of Jan Sobieski - King of Poland. In 1686 at the request of King Jan III Sobieski castle was renovated and decorated with works of art. Entrance Tower, Chinese palace, a large residential palace ensemble create beautiful Renaissance castle.
In the second half of XVII century castle Zolochiv repeatedly experienced Cossack, Tatar, Turkish attacks and sieges. From the rich heritage of the castle in 1801 left little serious loss and damage he suffered in the twentieth century: the castle changed owners several times until it became the property of the state. More details on this and other castles of Lviv region you will learn from our guides during a fascinating tour of the castles of Lviv region.

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