Kamenets Podilskyj - Khotin - Crystal Cave | Тури по Україні
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Day 1. Departure from the city (approximately 7.00 am). Moving in Kamenets (through Ternopil Terebovlya, Chertkov, Scala Podolsk).

12.00 - estimated arrival in Kamenets, tour of the castle and dungeon.

Free time. Lunch (optional).

Moving in Chernivtsi. Tour the castle Hotinsky. Moving in Borschiv, accommodation in hotel "Zatyshok", bed.

Day 2. Breakfast at the hotel. Moving in the village. Kryvche, excursion to the Crystal Cave.

Lunch (optional). Stop in Terebovli. Terebovlya ruins of the castle – optional.

Return to Lviv.

Cost:750 UAH per person (group of 4 people)

Price includes:

  • Travel by bus (or Setra, Neoplan)
  • Accommodation (one night, all rooms with modern conveniences, renovation, houses in the yard, grill, sauna, bar, etc.).
  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Excursions in Kamenetz-Podolsk and Hotine.

Prices extra:

  • Admission to the museum: 15 UAH - Cave, 15 - castle dungeons, 12 - Khotin
  • Extra food.



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