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Damp-wine tour of Transcarpathia

Tour (every Wednesday and Saturday)

The Schonborn Palace, Mukachevo (castle), Beregovo (swimming pool and wine), N. The village (cheese factory), oz. Synevyr, Vodop. Shipot.Carpathian mountains, castles, wine, cheeses, the best that can offer hospitable Transcarpathia is waiting for You!

Duration: 2 days /1 night Price - 545 USD.

Tour plan:

  • Day 1 (Saturday):
  • -Departure from the city -08.00 h.
  • – Visit the sanatorium Carpathians. This former hunting Palace Schonborn,the 19th century Palace surrounded by a beautiful Park with many exotic plants. And visit the source of "Beauty"
  • – Transfer to Mukachevo. Here on a lonely volcanic mountain is the most powerful fortress in Ukraine - the castle "Palanok" - article 14.
  • - Lunch.
  • – Beregovo (bathing in thermal pools, wine tasting)
  • – Beregovo district (overnight stop in Hungarian rural tourism estates, the settlement at 21:30).
  • Day 2 (Sunday):
  • - Breakfast and departure (08:00)
  • – Nyzhnie Selysche. We invites the local cheese factory for a tasting of different cheese varieties. Cheese is made by Swiss technology and is the best in Ukraine. Those who enjoy cheese, you can purchase at producer prices.
  • – Transfer to the lake Synevyr, which is the hallmark of Ukrainian Carpathians. Known popularly as "Sea eye". The lake was formed approximately 10,000 years ago at the height of 989 meters and has a maximum depth of 22 meters.
  • – Pylypets here from a height of 15 meters many cascades dumps its water in a picturesque valley, the Shypit waterfall.
  • – Arrival to Lviv approximately at 22.00.
  • In winter, the lake Synevyr replaced by the rise of the chairlift and a review of the bunker Arpad in the village of Upper Grabownica, or Deer farm, S. and Iza - basket weaving center.

The price includes: transportation by comfortable bus Euroclass, accommodation, guided tour, excursions in museums. Extra: entrance tickets to museums and meals.


  • the territory of the schönborn castle (total – 10 UAH., students – 7 UAH.),
  • Mukachevo castle (General and student – 15 UAH. pupils – 5 UAH.),
  • thermal pool in Beregovo (total – 120 UAH./hour., children of preschool age – 60 UAH./hours)
  • wine tasting (45 UAH./person, tour without wine consumption 25 UAH./entity),
  • tasting three varieties of cheese with wine (total and students – 50 UAH. students – 30 UAH.)
  • The national Park “Synevyr” (General – 12 UAH. students and pupils – 3 UAH.),
  • Shypit waterfall (total – 10 UAH., students – 10 UAH.).
  • the rise of on a chairlift - adult. - 30 UAH. children up to 12 years - 25 UAH.
  • hopper - adult, pens., stud. - 20 UAH. students - 10 UAH.
  •                                       Accommodation and meals:
    accommodation is in comfortable Hungarian country estates of rural tourism (Berehove district), rooms: 2-and 3-bed with private facilities. We recommend to order dinner and Breakfast. Dinner consists of dishes of Hungarian cuisine: a Bob-in the cauldron goulash, Hungarian cabbage rolls, Hungarian sweets and wine (45 UAH./person); Breakfast – the usual European (35 UAH./face).
    Lunch in SB occurs in the city of Mukachevo in the restaurant “Riviera” and consists of dishes Lemko-Mukachevo cuisine: salad “mixed vegetables”, the first “Palbiani blades”, the second bumps in a mushroom sauce with bread dumplings, stewed blueberries (Japan), bread. The price of 55 UAH./face.
    Lunch in the Sun – occurs in boykis ' restaurant near Synevyr lake and consists of the best dishes Boiko cuisine: the first – ear and white mushrooms, the second – banush with cheese, vegetable salad, tea, bread. The cost of lunch 65 UAH./face.

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