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The tunnel of Love and Volhynia

The tour will take place

The duration of two days. The cost of 445 USD.

1 den. G. 09.05.2015

8.00 an hour. - departure from the city.

Arrival in Berestechko-Plyasheva. In these places there is the national historical memorial reserve "Field berestetska battle". There was a tragic battle Cossacks under the command of Would.Khmelnytsky Polish crown army. On the site of the battle built a spectacular Church-mausoleum of St. George, 20th century, and migrated from the neighbouring village wooden Church, Svjatogo Michael.

Transfer to Dubno. The tour of the castle and the city. Dubno historical and cultural reserve includes 29 outstanding pam from p'yatok city. The most prominent attraction is irresistible Dubno castle of the 15th century, which consists of defensive ramparts and bastions, palaces Ostrog, 16 station Lubomirski, 18th century

Review of Fort of Tarakanov. In 1885-1890рр. in Tarakaniv the Russian tsarist army was built a huge defensive Fort, which survived two world wars, but still impresses with its size. Three floors of buildings above ground. and three below ground, the remains of the barracks, passages and tunnels, which evoke the admiration of many generations of tourists.

Moving in Klevan. Here is the world famous "Tunnel of Love", which is a Botanical phenomenon, formed by thickets of trees and shrubs around the narrow gauge railway. Because of its scenic beauty it attracts tourists, especially couples from all over the world.

Lutsk. Checking into a hotel around 20.00 hrs.

 Day 2. 10.05.2015 g.

08.00 hour. Breakfast and check out.

Tour of Lutsk. The modern capital of Volhynia, sometimes for a large number of temples called the "Rome of Volyn", is one of the most interesting cities of Ukraine. The decoration of the city is the castle of Lubart" - 14 St. And for dessert You will find "Lutsk" house with chimeras" of the artist Nikolai Golovanov, which is decorated with fanciful sculptures, vanroose and causes sincere admiration from all the guests.

Moving in Kolodiazhne. In this small village of Volyn spent most of his life the most famous Ukrainian poetess Lesya Ukrainka.Fans of her work welcomes Literary-memorial Museum-estate of Lesya Ukrainka.

Vladimir-Volyn. The city is known since 988,the historic capital of Volhynia, motivates the oldest religious building of Volyn - the assumption Cathedral 12 St., majestic defensive earthworks.

Visit defence of the monastery during the Winter. Which houses the icon of the Mother of God Zimnickas.

Arrival to Lviv approximately at 22.30.

The price includes:

  • travel by comfortable bus;
  • of residence;
  • a guide support of the guide;
  • sightseeing tour in the museums;
  • insurance for the trip.


entrance fees to tourist sites;

  • power.


  • National historical memorial reserve "Field berestetska battle"
  • Ls., pension - 10 UAH., stud.,students. - 5 UAH.
  • Dubno castle
  • Ls., pens. -10 USD. stud.,students. - 6 UAH.
  • Lutsk castle
  • Ls., pens. - 10 UAH., stud., students. - 5 UAH.
  • m-Volyn icon
  • Ls., pens. - 15 UAH. stud., students. - 9 UAH.
  • Literary-memorial Museum-estate of Lesya Ukrainka
  • Ls.,pens. - 14 UAH. stud., students. - 8 USD.

Accommodation: hotel in the city of Lutsk, comfortable 2-, 3-, 4 - bed rooms with facilities in the room.

Meals: lunch in SB - restaurant M. Dubno, dinner in SB in the city of Lutsk, Breakfast at All - hotel, lunch in the Sun - restaurant S. Kolodiazhne.


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