Tout in Lviv - Lychakiv cemetery | Цікаві екскурсії по Львову
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Lviv cemetery in Lviv history started in the late IVIII century. Monuments and crypts in the cemetery - it is incredible in its beauty the masterpieces of sculpture and architecture, which from century to century guarding the memory of ancestors.
Upokoyitysya there could only wealthy residents of the city. Friends are Seeing friends and relatives of people in their last journey, obviously not skupylysya to express his love to hire well-known sculptors.
Previously, residents were buried in caves near the churches, and this led to a not very pleasant odors and sanitation. It is due to the Austrian Emperor Joseph II, in 1784 all the cemeteries in the city center moved to the neighborhood. It was a unique cemetery rounders.
Lviv cemetery is known not only for its beautiful crypts and gravestones, and the fact that they buried many interesting stories and legends associated with celebrities.
Here lie the noble representatives of Austrian, Polish and Ukrainian families. In this place you will find monuments such great figures of politics and art, as - poet Ivan Franko, composer Stanislav Ljudkevych, opera singer Salome Krushelnytska, actress Regina Markowska, historian John Krypyakevych.
More than 400,000 graves of people of different nationalities and religions. Inscriptions on tombstones broken German, Serbian, Italian, Polish, Armenian, Latin, Ukrainian, Hebrew and Russian.
The earliest graves date back to 1786 Lychakova and 1797 years. In 1804 the cemetery has expanded greatly. Were built not only monuments over the grave, and erected the ages of monumental tombs and family crypts.
At one time, to give Lychakiv Cemetery view the gardens, in 1856 botanist Carl Bauer and Titus Thuzhevskyy developed a unique design with alleys and paths, since this place was open-air museum.

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