Museum of beer | Цікаві екскурсії по Львову
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Museum of beer is not too far from the center of city at street Kleparivska 18, where is «Lviv Brewery," which produces beer under famous brand "Lviv". By the way, a place for construction of the plant was chosen not accidentally. The fact that first written mention of Lviv beer dates back to 1384 year. Some porch Kleper bought beer production in Krakow suburb of the city, and after his name became known as terrain - Kleparov where now placed and Lviv Brewery and Beer Museum.

It is believed that first mention of beer found in annals of ancient Egypt. For this reason, in first room and is a stand of "documents", which found first mention of this drink. Immediately at entrance to museum right and left is a small exhibition of Lviv beer bottles different times. Our guides will tell and show you many interesting things in this museum.

And after seeing all the sights you carry on tasting beer.


екскурсії по Львову

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