Excursions in Lviv - opera | Цікаві екскурсії по Львову
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Walking elegant and one hundred percent European Prospectus of Liberty, it is difficult to imagine that two centuries ago it was a marshy plain of the river Poltva, reeded and prapradidy current lvovyan boat shot ducks here. When Galicia became part of Austrian Empire, in the area, disassembled fortifications, staged a promenade, or Korzo - walking boulevard of bridges across river Poltva on which defilyuvaly urban fashionable women.

Poltva in second half of XIX century drove into ground in Lviv was deprived of river, but bought one of the best in Europe sewer systems. Former mounts gradually zabuduvaly and Lions got a new, third in its history city center, which is ornament of Lviv National Academic Opera and Ballet Krushelnytska - architectural jewel in style Neorenaissance, one of the most beautiful theaters in Europe. Built in early twentieth century by architect Zygmunt Gorgolevsky Opera house in Lviv, compared with Paris and Vienna State Opera.

Standing before majestic facade of fantastic facilities feel overwhelming wealth of art, his eternity in contrast with transience of human life. This building, where you can find different architectural styles of European countries implemented with ornately solemnity. The forms of facade are very complex and diverse: it columns, balustrades, niches filled with statues of allegorical figures. Above main cornice of facade rise eight statues of muses over them - high relief desyatyfihurna composition "Joy and pain of life." Gable ends above sculptural triad winged bronze figures of Genius drama and comedy, tragedy and glory in center, which holds a golden palm branch.


екскурсії по Львову

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