Excursions in Lviv - underground church Jesuits | Цікаві екскурсії по Львову
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During the tour visitors to see the underground baby who managed to clear the last few years. Tourists can see the ancient walls, which were more of princely times. Due to maximum conservation of authenticity visitor gallery practically moved into medieval Lviv.
One of raisins are ancient cave murals that have survived over shutters and require restoration. In addition, visitors during tour can see handmade wrought iron doors made in baroque style. And walk on by low arches, see fragments found in caves and ceramics, most importantly, look at the famous sarcophagus, which remained ever since the Middle Ages.
The sarcophagus is made from whole boulders. Latin inscription on sarcophagus of age suggests that he was appointed to Archbishop Vyzhytskoho. However, residues historians body was found. So are several versions, such as black archaeologists, or mystical, as the uprising of dead, as some experts argue that knocked the cover of the sarcophagus in the middle.



екскурсії по Львову

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