Excursions in Lviv - Lviv City Hall | Цікаві екскурсії по Львову
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First Lviv city hall was a wooden building with a high tower and a gallery for the city trumpeters. However, this building burned down and in the early XVII century was built a new town hall with a high octahedral tower, topped with a gilded iron lion. Although this hall has not been preserved to this day - its tower collapsed in 1826.

Just a year J. Marple, F. and A. Treter Vondrashk created a new project building which was built in 1835. Although this type of city hall is not very lucky - during the revolutionary events in Lviv in 1848 the center of the city was shelled by Austrian artillery and Tower Hall has once again suffered. But three years later the building was repaired and instead domed tower was erected jagged top, which we see now on the building. The height of the new tower was 65 meters.

In 1852r. it was set to watch, which are 400 steps. Diameter of 3 m, length of 2m 15cm large arrows.

To rise to the observation deck of the City Council - it is not quite easy, others on the road several times stopped to rest. But the views of Lviv with a bird's eye does not leave you indifferent.


екскурсії по Львову

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