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vip-tourHolidays in foreign countries are always attractive for tourists, in order to change, to make a rich, interesting and unforgettable, was invented combined tours.

It is believed that this type of tours originated in the Mediterranean, and the prerequisite for its emergence was the desire of travelers to bring diversity to your holiday.
Combined tours represent a new direction of route tours with a combination of several types of transport (train plus bus", "bus plus ferry", "icebreaker plus helicopter). They are in demand, when between the places of departure and destination there is no direct relationship, and when a combination of several transport modes in one round is more profitable than the use for carriage of a single type of vehicle.
It is characteristic of these types of tour is that one kind of transport is used for delivery of tourists to the destination, and another as the primary means of travel along the route.
Such trips have a cost higher than when using only one vehicle, and at the same time, can boast of diversity, and sometimes comfort transportation.
When forming the combined route of the tour of the tourist enterprise take into account the speed of the vehicle and its comfort, the required number of transit transfers and the cost of the rental vehicle. The choice of transport is carried out in the context of the category of tourists taking into account their age, health status and ability to tolerate load.
Combined tours are usually rich program, but rarely include a combination of more than four types of active rest. Level of comfort may vary depending on the chosen program: from tent camps with field conditions of stay to luxury suites in the best hotels of the country.
In these journeys usually are pursued historical General historical events of the countries), entertainment (leisure activities) and educational (visiting unusual exhibitions, museums, etc.) goals, depending on which is determined by the presence and number of means of movement.
"Classics" is presented as a combined tour visiting the regions of one country, part in a guided tour followed by rest on the beach, for example, in Spain, France or Italy.
Thus, the combined tours are a combination of several modes of transportation, resorts, leisure activities, resulting in aggregate much more interesting, richer and sometimes cheaper unlike tours with use of single types of vehicles.


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