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When you are ready to travel abroad, except for the highlights of the visa and other documents, you will need to take care of the insurance. Since crossing the border, and possibly more in the embassy, you will request confirmation of the Health Insurance Act. As well you can puzzle question auto insurance, but it is in the case of travel by car.

Such documents you can place directly in the tourist company, if you go on tour. Usually it is part of their services. But, in general, and you can give your insurance, especially if you have open and active.
If you are not confident in the policy that you have been offered, and private insurance you do not, then you can go to any company that is engaged in this activity and has a license. But most of all, we have a rush job to collect documents such as somewhere that is misunderstood. And all this takes time.
Output in this situation may be insurance online registration. You yourself spending half an hour, well, a maximum an hour, you can choose your favorite insurance company, read reviews about it, read it conditions and cost of these services. Without leaving your home or office place an order. Immediately pay it through the online bank and a couple of minutes to receive a document about insurance. This document, you can immediately print out and attach to the documents for the visa.
The original document can be delivered to you in a few days. If necessary, you can pick it up yourself. In addition, many companies have already printed your certificate has a special bar code that allows the document to consider the original.
Issued such a document taking into account the number of days you plan to stay abroad. Just as important is what the policy you choose. If this policy is not expensive, it is of course the basic expenses like buying drugs or consultation with a physician cover, but calling an ambulance or dentist will have to pay extra.
It is also necessary to remember that any insurance case you have to leave a copy of the insurance, and on arrival home on a mandatory basis to inform the incident to your insurance company.
Take advantage of online insurance service UkrFin, where you will find the services you need from a few large companies, where you will be able to opt for one or another company.


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