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What could be better than the experience of travel? After visiting a new city, even in a strange and hitherto unexplored country, we feel furious burst of energy and positive emotions. We carry these experiences throughout his life, passing them on to your children and then grandchildren.

The joy and happiness received while traveling, do not catch up with any other emotion. At the same time, many dream of going not only in Milan, Paris, Prague and New York. Some would like to see the capital of Ukraine - a glorious and ancient city of Kiev. Most of the residents of small settlements, mostly villages and towns, dreaming at least for a while to feel the capital's residents. Provincial youth attracted by the opportunity to go to a prestigious university, to find a promising job, getting a decent wage, and even, it is likely to establish the capital of their personal lives.
kyivIn addition to the material aspect, there is also a highly spiritual side that is ready to open to tourists many architectural monuments and attractions, presented by nature. Kiev - a city of incredible beauty. It blends perfectly modernity of the 21st century and the spirit of the Middle Ages, which soaked the walls of many buildings of the capital. Walking through the main streets nobles, princes and kings, to make history. To date, coming on Khreschatyk, every tourist will be able to enjoy not only the wonderful view opening on all sides, but also to go to the most fashionable and prestigious places of the capital. On Khreschatyk collected expensive brands boutiques, expensive restaurants, cafes and places with the usual junk food. This combination of incongruous is a wild delight of the guests.
However, intending to come to Kiev, do not forget that you must book accommodation in advance. Also, it is worth noting that it is not recommended to settle in an apartment without a prior inspection. The room, which is leased, should be OK all the available technology, not spoiled furniture and other home furnishings. If you decide to stay in Kiev, to determine in advance which area you will be most convenient to live. Small hotels in Kiev - a good option for those who want inexpensive and relax in comfort. In each room there is a mini-hotel clean bed, ironed linen and wireless internet to work. Mini-hotels in Kiev - a quality accommodation on favorable terms for those tourists who are not willing to pay for unnecessary frills, as in ordinary hotels with unreasonably expensive room.


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