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How do you see a nice seaside resort? You have been to the most famous places located on either side of the equator, you managed to see the Turkish service, and Egyptian monuments, and nature of the Crimea, and even exotic Thailand. Imagine?

Agree that neither of these places' ideal option. But we will give you a mystery: a resort there, but it is not for the three and nine land nearby, on the shores of the Sea of Azov. This - Kyrylivka the best place in Ukraine.

In modern seaside resort Kyrylivka evolved recently - this is its main advantage. The fact that most of the other beautiful places on the shores of warm seas long ago began to develop the tourism industry. Years passed, changing standards. What is considered ideal comfort in the eighties, nowadays not pull even three stars. Of course, from time to time were reconstruction and modernization, but you see, it is easier to build new than to recycle old.

It went this way and Kyrylivka. Twenty years ago there was just one big resort. People stopped or there, or someone at the apartment with the locals. Last season was getting on the strength of a couple of thousands of tourists, beach, whose length is more than twenty miles, looked like a desert.

That changed in the new millennium. At this time, it became clear that in the Crimea is no more good land for construction, the whole coastline has been in someone's property. Therefore, investors turned their attention to the shores of the Sea of Azov and found there a paradise, which was born to be a popular resort. Well, that all necessary with geographic and environmental conditions are present.

When construction began on hotels, investors realized - all you need to do with the strictest and most modern standards. It will have to compete not only with a friendly Turkey and exotic Egypt, but with relatively cheap Crimea. To win this fight, not only due to the low prices, you need to create a perfect resort, which would have embodied all of our dreams rest. I like, they came to the village Kyrylivka such as recreation "Elena" - a wonderful place.

We chose as an example of this hotel is that it embodies everything what you can expect when booking a room and any other pension settlement Kyrylivka. The friendly and experienced staff, the nicest interiors, spacious rooms, excellent cuisine in its own restaurant. What else may be required to complete a summer vacation?

Other hotels have also not disappoint. There are plenty to choose from. We recommend only place to book in advance as the high season in Kyrylivka get tens of thousands of tourists. Of course, in the street you will not be, there is always free number, but you have to choose from a small number of hotels.

Now Kyrylivka rests about thirty thousand people at a time. And you can count how many tourists take the resort, given that most comes to three weeks. The cost of holidays in this undoubtedly modern spa center is not very high, so you can afford to twenty or even thirty days instead of the usual ten to fourteen in Turkey and the Crimea.


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